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COVID-19 Reveals Restaurant Staff Are Heroes

During the COVID-19 outbreak, restaurants and restaurant staff are heroes.  People need to eat.  Food delivery is one way to minimize the spread of the virus.  Food delivery plays a key part in defeating the virus.

However, during COVID-19, many restaurant owners worry about staying in business.

Eating in is not an option.  Unless restaurants and pubs owners find profitable and efficient ways to sell their food, they’ll have a hard time staying in business.

Contactless food ordering, pickup and delivery is the safest and easiest way to prevent transmission.  For many restaurant owners, food ordering apps can take more than 30% off the top of an order.  Enough is enough.

MealSOS was created to benefit local restaurant owners, staff and the public to minimize exposure to COVID-19.  We bring foodies and restaurants together.  Foodies can discover new restaurants nearby while restaurants benefit from the MealSOS online ordering system.

Instead of using an app and pay huge commissions for orders, restaurants can sell and deliver their food at pure profit on their own websites.

The greatest number of searches for restaurants are conducted through Google.  This number is steadily increasing every year.  Whether on a cell phone or desktop computer, search results provide the closest restaurants to the user.

MealSOS provides suggestions as to the types of delicious cuisine in your area.  Simply click the type of food you want and you’ll be taken to a map of the closest results in your area.

Find delicious local restaurants by using MealSOS.

If you’re a restaurant owner or manager, and want to sell more food using an easy online ordering system, click the button below to find out how.


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